Boda Boda V2
Fender Installation

Required Tools: 

  • 10mm Wrench

  • 15mm Wrench

  • 4mm Hex Wrench

  • Cable Cutters

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Hardware Included: 

  • 4x M5 Bolts

  • 4x M5 Washers

  • 2x Fender Stays

  • 6x Zip Ties

  • 1x Saddle Washer

  • 2x M6 Washer

  • 1x M6 Lock Nut

  • 1x M6 Bolt

  • 1x Front Fender

  • 1x Rear Fender (with skirt)

Steps :

  1. Attach the fender stays to the front fender about 50 mm above the rubberized end flair. To attach the fender stays, clip the plastic end on to the fender then tighten the inner screw until snug.

  2. Disconnect the front brake and remove the front wheel.

  3. Install the front fender.

    1. Use the M6 bolt, 2x M6 washers, and the saddle washer to mount the fender through the fork.

Note: if you have a steering stabilizer, replace the saddle washer with the steering stabilizer bracket.

    1. Use 2x M5 bolts and M5 washers to attach the fender stays to the fork.

    2. Reinstall the front wheel and adjust the fender stay’s length so that the fender does not rub on the tire. Tighten  the fender stay’s nut with a 10mm wrench.

  1. Reconnect the front brake.

  2. Disconnect the rear brake and remove the rear wheel.

  3. Remove the old wheel skirt by cutting the zip ties and remove the 8x bolts located on the inside of the wheel skirt, 4x per side.

  1. Install the rear fender.

    1. Use a M5 bolt and M5 washer to attach the front end of the fender to the frame. When tightening this bolt make sure the fender is mounted as high as possible.

    2. Use a M5 bolt and M5 washer to attach the rear end of the fender to the frame. The fender bracket may have to be bent slightly to line up with the frame hole.

    3. Use 6x zip ties, 3x per side to attach the wheel skirt to the frame.

  1. Reinstall the rear wheel and reconnect the rear brake.