Certainly! We've included disc brake tabs on both the frame and fork of the Mundo Classic so that disc brakes may be fitted. Due to the Mundo's extended seat stays however, the rear brake adapter that is required will not match the rotor size. 

We recommend using at least 180 mm rotors both front and rear on the Mundo to provide adequate stopping power. For the rear brake, it is required to use at least a 180 mm rotor. 

  • The front fork's disc tab is standard and so a F180/R160 caliper adapter will be used. 
  • As mentioned, the rear disc tab is placed in a non-standard location due to the long seat stays. For a 180 mm rotor, a F160/R140 adapter must be used. Please note that M6 flat washers may be necessary to fine-tune the caliper's location. 
  • For 203 mm rotors in the rear, a F180/R160 caliper adapter will be required. 


Please note that the wheels included on the Mundo Classic are not disc compatible and will need to be changed to support this upgrade.