Certainly! Your headlight will relocate from the fork crown to the front of the Bread Basket. Each Bread Basket includes a flattened area of the center strut with a mounting hole that will accept a M5 bolt. 

If you have a Mundo LUX originally purchased before Dec. 31, 2017, or an Spicy Curry with the Currie Tech motor, you may need a Light Extension Kit.  We provide these kits free of charge and they can be requested by creating a support ticket.  Be sure to tell us which bike you have so we send the correct kit. 

***Please note that the Spicy Curry with Bosch motor will not need a wire extension for its headlight. These bikes all shipped with enough wire to relocate the headlight to the front of the Bread Basket.***

To make it even easier, we made detailed instructions for relocating your light; you can find the printable PDF below. 

Let us know if anything is unclear and we'll be happy to help!