Certainly! Your headlight will relocate from the fork crown to the front of the Bread Basket. Each Bread Basket includes a flattened area of the center strut with a mounting hole that will accept a M5 bolt. 

If you have a Mundo LUX or an earlier Spicy Curry, you may need a Light Extension Kit.  We provide these kits free of charge and they can be easily ordered from our online store.  Be sure to tell us which bike you have so we send the correct kit. 

***Please note that the Spicy Curry with Bosch motor will not need a wire extension for its headlight. These bikes all shipped with enough wire to relocate the headlight to the front of the Bread Basket.***

To make it even easier, we mede these detailed instructions for relocating your light

Let us know if anything is unclear and we'll be happy to help!