We are now happy to offer the new Adjustable Monkey Bars, which can be mounted on almost all bikes in our current lineup (not the Supermarche) as well as the Boda Boda Original and Mundo V3!

In the interest of preserving information, our previous answer is below:

We don't currently have a Monkey Bar for the Boda Boda Original (aka Boda Boda V2 and V1), but it's possible to convert an existing set to fit the shorter deck of the Boda Boda OG:

What you need:

Outside Support Rods

  1. Cut to size

    1. Remove 335mm from both outside support rods

    2. Discard middle section

        2. Join Together using custom connection rods

                1. Cut two 510mm rod using 9/16” diameter structurally sound steel or aluminum

                2. Insert connection rods into outside support rods

                3. Mark assembly hole location of support rods onto both side of inside rods

                4. Remove connecion rods from outside support rods

                5. Drill 6mm or ¼” holes at each marked location

Inside Support Rods

  1. Cut to size

    1. Remove 335mm from the center of both inside support rods (this is the rod with a hole in the center)

    2. Discard the middle section

  2. Join together using custom connection rods

    1. Measure the distance from the end of the inside to the edge

    2. Add distance together and cut an inside support rod of that size

    3. Repeat for second side