Over the years, we at Yuba have used different systems to meet the power assist needs of our riders. 

The following information is intended to point our riders to the correct channel if they require technical support for the power assist systems on their bicycles.

eZee Front Hub motors originally installed on Mundo models until 2013. 

  • Batteries can be rebuilt with new cells by EBike Marketplace in Las Vegas, NV

    • 888-456-9410 or Sales@ebikemarketplace.com

  • There are currently no known service centers for these motors in North America

BionX rear hub motors were installed on both Mundo and Boda Boda models from 2013 through 2015 in 350 watt / 36 volt, 350W / 48V and 500W / 48V versions. 

  • In February, 2018 the BionX corporation shut down all operations.

  • As of 4/1/2019 their BionX Bicycle Interface is still active and can be used to diagnose system problems

  • Replacement components can be ordered from BionX Legacy in Canada

The first version of our Spicy Curry bicycle used the Trans-X mid-drive motor by Currie Technologies. It is a 350 watt / 48 volt system and is still supported by Raleigh Electric 

  • Technical information can be found on the Yuba page of the EBCC website

  • For technical support or replacement parts, you may contact your local dealer or call 800-377-4532

  • Please note Raleigh is no longer able to provide replacement batteries. For battery replacement / rebuild, we recommend having the batteries refurbished at RTV in Las Vegas,
    a.k.a. www.ebikemarktetplace.com
    3340 Sunrise Ave #102
    Las Vegas NV 89101

The eRad mid-drive system by Lectric Cycles was installed on both Mundo and Boda Boda models during 2017 in both 350 watt / 48 volt and 500W / 48V versions. The mid-drive motor is produced by Bafang and is compatible with all like components. As of 2019, Lectric Cycles are no longer answering service inquiries.