Yes! Over 70% of our bikes eventually have pedal assist systems installed. Whether front hub, rear hub motor or bottom bracket-mounted mid-drive, the Mundo is ready to be converted to the system of your choice. There are standard water bottle cage mounts on the downtube to mount your system’s battery.

Important note:

The Mundo V3 and Mundo Classic rear dropouts take a 14mm axle. Standard axles are 12mm or 10mm. A rear hub motor will require the proper axle adapters to be able to work with the Mundo V3 or Classic frame.

For flattened rear axles, you will want to use our Slotted Axle adapters.

For front hub motors, you will want to use an Anti-Rotation washer or torque arm.

If you plan to use a BionX kit, please contact us to determine whether the system you want to use is compatible with the Mundo V3 or Classic.

The Mundo LUX uses standard 3/8" (or 10mm) vertical rear dropouts. 

For mid-drive kits, all versions of our Mundos have standard 68mm threaded bottom brackets.

While Yuba no longer offers electric assist kits, there are many options out there and working with a bike shop has experience with these kits is recommended.